A ticket to the Middle Ages

Limited tickets!!
Only 5.000 tickets/day

Type Type VVK Kassa
Adult ticket €12 €15
Adult L ticket + goblet €16 -
Adult XL ticket + goblet+
coin purse (21 coins)
€36 -
Child ticket (jusqu'à 12 ans) €7 €9
Child L ticket + goblet €11 -
Child XL ticket + goblet +
activity card
€16 -
Child younger than 6y free entrance - -

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  • Activity card: An activity card costs €5 and is suitable for all ages from 6 years old. Thanks to that card, you can participate in the knight and craft activities. It is available at all cash desks on Quondam.
  • Exchange goblets: Quondam cares about the environment and therefore uses hand-made earthen goblets. It costs €4 and you can afterwards exchange it for money or you can take it home as a nice souvenir.
  • Gezinsbond Savings Campaign: Quondam gives €1 saving discount to adults and children tickets. At the cash desk, the discount will be put in the online wallet. More information about that savings card can you find here.